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Assistance on Orders
For assistance with cross-references, products specifications or performance and micron ratings you can contact our experts. Call John or Bruce at 310.831.9261. They will be happy to assist you.

You can also email any questions to .

Minimum Order Amount
There is a minimum order amount of $50.00. The amount considered is a sum of the products ordered and the estimated shipping cost.

Special Offer on Orders Over $2,000.00
We are offering an additional 5% off the price of all cases as well as free shipping on orders that exceed $2,000.00. The 5% discount will be applied to full cases only within the order. Shipping will be directly from the factory. This is a limited time offer.

Free shipping will appear as a 100% discount on the shipping cost in the shopping cart during the final phase of the checkout process. The 5% discount on case prices will NOT show during the checkout process. Please be assured that the discount will be applied. We will contact you with the revised order amount prior to actually charging your credit card.

Cannot Add Items to Shopping Cart - Why?
Did you try to add an item to the cart and nothing happened? You must have Cookies enabled in order to use our shopping cart. Click here for specific instructions on how to enable Cookies for your browser.

California Sales Tax
Shipments within California are subject to sales tax. If we have your tax exemption certificate on file then you will not be charged sales tax. If you are eligible for exemption from California state sales tax then please download the appropriate form, fill it out and fax it to us.

Below are two links to the California State Board of Equalization web site.

  • Resale certificate
  • Watercraft exemption certificate

    Our fax number is 310.831.4442. Notice: This fax number is for orders and customer submissions only. Do not sent unsolicited facsimilies or advertisements.

    Shipping Costs
    We ship orders using the UPS ground service. During the shopping cart checkout process we provide an estimated shipping cost based on the weight of your order, your zip code and the current UPS rates. You actual shipping cost may vary slightly.

    There is a minimum order amount of $50.00. The amount considered is a sum of the products ordered and the estimated shipping cost.

    Your Credit Card
    We save your contact information to minimize your typing for future orders. We do NOT store your credit card number or V-code. In this way you can be confident that your sensitive data will not fall into the wrong hands. As of August, 2016 we do not accept American Express.

    Web Site Security employs commercial firewall technology that uses Secure Socket Layer protection and 128-byte encryption to maintain the security of your information. All data entered into the shopping cart process is protected. Your information passes from your browser to our server in an encrypted fashion, safe from prying eyes.

    About Baldwin Filters
    Founded in 1936 by J.A. Baldwin, Baldwin Filters offers over 4,800 filter part numbers - the most comprehensive product line in the industry. Baldwin's goal is to have all manufactured products meet or exceed the OEM's specifications. Their design philosophy, coupled with manufacturing under QS9000 and ISO9001 quality programs, assures that you can feel confident your choice will properly protect your equipment.

    Their extensive product line gives them the ability to provide in-depth coverage for all types of heavy-duty equipment in primary markets such as over-the-road, off-road, automotive, industrial and marine. They have blended their heavy-duty philosophy into the production of filters for a global range of passenger cars and light utility vehicles.

    Baldwin Filters warrants all products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. If any machine damage is proven to have been caused by a new, properly installed Baldwin product during the equipment or machine manufacturer's recommended service interval, they will reimburse the owner for that portion of the repair costs which were necessary to restore the machine to its condition immediately prior to the time of change. In the event of a claim, contact the Baldwin Service Engineering department for procedure details.

    Baldwin filters can be used on equipment under warranty. It is against the law for the equipment manufacturer to void warranty simply because the filter used doesn't have their label. When you use their filters, you get extra protection for your equipment and your warranty.

    On a corporate basis, they have been a part of CLARCOR (NYSE), a diversified group of manufacturing companies, since 1981. Their association enables them to contribute and benefit from synergies in quality and advanced filter technology and to steadily expand their ability to provide world-class filter protection.

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